SubtleNoiseMaker is run by Ing. Alexander Renner, also known under his artist name Sascha Neudeck. The company is located in Vienna, Austria.

    Timeline (by Alexander Renner)

    • March 2006: making first pedals
    • October 2008: move from sleeping room table to own workshop.
    • October 2009: company founded
    • April 2009: SubtleNoiseMaker Cacophonator Workshop at LiWoLi in Linz/Austria
    • November 2009: "Schneiders Buero" became my first distributor
    • Summer 2010: "Analogue Haven" started to be my second distributor
    • April 2011: review of the Cacophonator II in German Sound & Recording
    • August 2011: review of the Cacophonator II at Future Music

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