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The Super Nova Drive is a fun little circuit we have been working on for a while. The concept is simple: an overdrive with a wide gain range coupled with a three band active EQ. Within Such a concept lies many potential pitfalls though. First we had to create an overdrive circuit that was worthy of all the extra control. Something musical both at low and high gain, with just enough harmonic content yet still warm, and enough low end push but not muddy. Several versions, and a few prototypes later we found something that sounded really special, and was still simple enough to fit inside our small pedal enclosures.

Low gain settings have a really nice pick attack, especially when powered by 18 volts. Natural pick attack, and a little bit chimey as you dig in harder on the strings.

As the gain is turned up the the overdrive starts to approach saturated fuzz.


  • The Super-Nova-Drive is hand made in Newberg Oregon.
  • Die cast metal enclosures for durability.
  • 3PDT switches for true bypass switching.
  • Red LED indicator.
  • Three-year limited warranty

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