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SubDecay (2004)

The Stupid Box from Sub-Decay Studios. This stomp box is a super versatile distortion. The Stupid Box employs soft clipping just like vintage tube screamers, but driven much harder and with a full range frequency response. The Stupid Box can go from high gain to blues, with a twist of the gain knob.

What's it all about?

If you play a clean open cab 6L6-based amp, and don't want to give up your great clean tone, but have always been jealous of those guys with the half stacks, the stupid box is what you have been waiting for. If you play a 2 channel high gain amp, and struggle for those in-between tones this is a great pedal to have as well. The Stupid Box has a variable frequency filter unlike most distortion boxes which only let you control the roll off, making it much easier to match the pedal to the natural voicing of your amp.

Subdecay (2008)

The all new Stupid Box 2.0

Distortion - The Stupid Box has been updated. The tiny circuit has grown, but the price hasn't. Now offering more versatility by adding 5 internal controls.

What is the Stupid Box?

The Stupid Box is a medium gain distortion with Volume, Tone, and Drive external controls, as well as new internal controls: Pre-bass, Pre Treble, Bass, Mid-range, and a Smooth/Crunch switch. This allows the effect to be tweaked from a mild overdrive to a creamy fuzz.

The smooth/crunch switch alters the placement of clipping diodes in the circuit.

The external tone control is still the secret to the sound of this box. The Stupid Box uses a variable frequency filter. The tone knob sets the frequency where high end roll off occurs. Tech talk aside, this allows you to more accurately match the pedal to the voicing of your amp.

The internal mid-range and bass control allow you to even more accurately match the pedal to your amp, and the pre-bass and pre-treble controls allow you to match the pedal to your guitar. The pre-bass control is also especially helpful in getting rid of excessive low end often wont work well when running overdrives in to an already overdriven amp.

The original stupid box was designed for a big ballsy up front sound through a clean, loud, open back amplifier, but with the added modifications it works much better with closed back cabs, and can be set to sound great at practice volumes as well.

Notes from the engineer

The Stupid box was the first pedal introduced by Subdecay Studios in 2003. I had been looking for something to get a big ballsy sound out of my amp, but my ultra clean 100 watt 6L6 based tube amp combo just did not seem to agree with anything I threw in front of it. Sustain, and good harmonic response were a must. After going through plenty of overdrives and distortions, and building a few 'clones', I finally decided to build my own.

I wanted something with a big low end, without getting muddy, and an in your face sound, without the high end sizzle I got with a lot of other pedals. After a few weeks of experimenting after band practice, I came up with the stupid box.

Can be powered by a 9 volt battery or 9VDC adaptor with a negative center 2.1mm barrel style plug. Current draw is less than 10mA.

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