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The ultimate plug and play filter pedal. Behold THE PROTEUS! The secret is out!

Building on the success of Prometheus, Proteus embraces a very different philosophy. In short, Proteus is what many people wished Prometheus had been- simpler and much easier to use on the fly. The envelope filter mode is much more "funk" than "shoegaze." The step filtering is pure random sample hold. No ultra-fine tuning required. Just tap in a beat, and Proteus does all the thinking for you.

Where Prometheus is a mad science project run amok, Proteus is exactly the opposite. Controls are simple, obvious, and do exactly what you expect, every time.

The low-pass filter does not cut out frequencies below the cutoff point, so the low end always stays intact. It can be bright at some settings, but never shrill.


  • Bypass Switch: Turns the effect off or on.
  • Tap/Mode Switch: Tapping the switch in time starts the sample/hold filter. Holding the switch down for one second switches back to envelope filter mode.
  • Frequency: Filter resting point
  • Depth: Filter modulation range for both envelope follower and sample hold mode.
  • 1-2-4: Step multiplier. One, two or four steps per beat (sample hold mode only)

Proteus is powered externally only with a standard 9V negative center 2.1mm barrel adapter. A 12 volt power supply can be used for increased headroom.

This pedal is the result of our multi-product R&D operation, Project Quasar. The design philosophy behind the Proteus was to create an "Anti-Prometheus." Now you are probably saying to yourself 'Well they are both filters.' In fact the envelope-controlled filter circuit in Proteus is exactly the same. The design philosophy was all about user control. The difference is options vs. ease of use. Even synth nerds can spend hours tweaking knobs and never cover everything Prometheus can do. Proteus is straight-to-the-point filter that anyone can figure out in 60 seconds.

NOTE: Proteus will not run off a battery. Externally powered only. 9VDC power supply not included.

  • Proteus is hand made in Newberg, Oregon.
  • Die-cast metal enclosure for durability
  • 3PDT switches for true-bypass switching

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