SubDecay Noise Box


Subdecay (2007-2008)

The Noise Box is somewhere in between a chaotic octave generator, guitar synth, and a broken robot stuck in an angry bee hive.

The Noise Box is an envelope sensitive harmonic frequency generator. Frequencies generated are harmonically related to the input, and controlled by the Frequency knob, the Sense knob, and the chaos knob.


  • The Frequency knob sets the resting point of the frequency generator.
  • The Sense knob controls how much the input signal will affect the the range of the frequency generator.
  • The Chaos knob controls the attack. Once turned half way up the Chaos knob loses it's ability to track correctly, and the tones created by the frequency generator become more and more random.
  • The Voice control alternates between two different voicings of the frequency generator, with varied levels of filtering.
  • Level controls overall volume of the effect.

The Noise Box also has an internal noise gate built in that turns the frequency generator off when you are not playing.

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