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The MONEY SHOT is a super controllable envelope filter. It features a tri-tone paint job, 5 knob for maximum "tweakablility" The Money Shot uses bipolar transistors with a negative feedback filter, similar to a good old wah pedal. It has a different sound than many other envelope filters which use opamps in the filter section. This gives the effect a more natural sound, and wont make your ears bleed at gigging volumes.

So what does it do?

An envelope filter (sometimes called a dynamic wah or auto wah) does two basic things. First it senses the level of your signal (envelope) to create a control voltage. Second, it filters your guitar signal much like a wah pedal does. The filter cut off is controlled by the envelope voltage.

Why is the Money Shot different?

The Money Shot gives you lots of options and possible tones. The Money Shot has five knobs. Resonance, Sensitivity, High range, Low range, and Volume. Variable resonance allows you to go from subtle, to funky, to space alien territory. As the resonance gets higher the over all effect gets louder. The volume knob lets you adjust the overall level to match your rig. The high and low range knobs allow you to set the resting point and the peek point of the filter cut off frequency. The sensitivity knob allows you to use guitars with both hot and weak outputs. The sensitivity settings also can interact with the high range giving the filter some unique decay characteristics, including some almost modulated phaser like tones.

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