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This ain't your old man's classic rock overdrive. The F-Bomb has more gain than you will ever need. It's balls to the wall with the drive knob at noon.

It's not "open," "transparent" or "warm." The F-Bomb is the antithesis of everything the establishment thinks you should want in a dirt pedal. It's compressed. It can get sloppy. Turning this thing on is like running naked into the boardroom and punching "the man" in the face.

The "F" in F-Bomb stands for Filthy rock tone. Gear is not furniture or artifacts meant to be kept in a glass case! So plug in your guitar, turn everything on your amp to ten, and rip the knobs off. Then step on the F-Bomb and get ready to have some fun.

The "F" is also for FET (field effect transistor) but that doesn't mean some people won't be offended by it. F-bomb has 5 FET stages for a huge amount of gain, and a ridiculous high volume output. Play it loud, and when the neighbors start banging on the door, you won't even hear them. F-Bomb is highly reactive to your guitars volume and tone controls, and you will need to use them to get the most out of this pedal. Even with just two knobs, F-Bomb has a wide range of sounds, from sloppy fuzz, to "chugga chgga" distortion, to basement blues.

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