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Are you ready for The Birthday Fuzz? Based on vintage fuzz box designs, but with more common components, and modern features like an LED indicator, and a DC adapter plug. This pedal is available for only a limited time. Approximately 25 will be made.

So it's just another fuzz?

Well sort of. The Birthday Fuzz forgoes of some of the frills you would find on more expensive hand made boxes. There is no artwork on the pedal, and a fast drying paint is used to reduce build time. Since we don't have to worry about sourcing rare, out of production transistors, it allows us to offer one of the lowest prices on a hand made effects pedal. The circuit was also designed for use with a negative ground power supply. Any standard regulated 9volt DC barrel type effect pedal supply will work. A few components were added to reduce AC hum.

Now the Birthday Fuzz does not sound exactly like a vintage fuzz box. The output is a little brighter, and there is more gain available than would be possible with classic fuzz components. Just like vintage fuzz boxes, the tone is highly interactive with the pickups on your guitar. For best results place this pedal first in your effects chain. Although it was designed to work with active electronics (to some degree) in front of it, you will lose the nuance of pickup selection if placed after a non-true-bypass pedal, or processor.


  • The Birthday Fuzz is hand made in Woodinville, WA with the high quality components.
  • Die cast metal enclosures for durability.
  • 3PDT switches for true bypass switching.
  • Runs for many hours on a single 9 volt battery, or can be powered by a 9VDC adapter.
  • Green LED indicator.
  • Three-year limited warranty.

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