Subdecay is owned and operated by Brian Marshall. The company is located a few miles outside Portland, Oregon, USA.

Timeline (by Brian Marshall)

  • 1999/2000: I built my first pedal. Not certain of the exact date.
  • Summer 2003: I completed my first original design, which I named the Stupid Box.
  • September 2003: Brad Fee, who would go on to establish ToneFactor, was setting up "tour boxes" on the Harmony Central Effects forum. He asked if I would include my Stupid Box in a package he was sending around.
  • Autumn 2003: Brad contacted me again and asked if I would build pedals for his online store.
  • February 2006: Moved the company from Seattle to the Portland area.
  • January 2007: Hired first employee.
  • July 2007: Ran out of room in my house and moved in to a much bigger shop.
  • January 2008: First time exhibiting at NAMM.

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