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Each Tic Deluxe is individually tweaked and extensively tested to ensure that it delivers the trashiest and nastiest fuzztones possible. The Focus, Soak and Order knobs give you control over a wide range of sounds, from almost endless sustain to fat distortion to laser gun zapping and pitch shifting craziness. And with the switchable dual tone control you can tweak the frequency response anywhere from mellow-but-focused to ear-piercing squeal.

The Tic Deluxe is constructed using top quality components, each meticulously chosen to enhance the fuzz. This unique germanium/silicon hybrid fuzz box is not just another copy of an old pedal. It is not based on anything else out there and does not sound like anything else out there. Ride the wave of oscillation to a whole new sonic landscape.

Straightline Audio

This is the Tic Deluxe, a unique circuit which I stumbled upon in my experimentation that is sure to give you the most memorable fuzz tone in town. After hearing this thing myself, I just had to get them out in the world.

It's hard to describe since it truly sounds like nothing else out there (at least nothing I've heard before). It can go from fat, in your face fuzz to a buzzsaw ear piercing scream to laser gun zapping, all while retaining great articulation of every note you play. Turn the "Order" control down and you can get awesome pitch shifting craziness with harmonics jumping higher and lower as a note sustains. Dial in the "Focus" control right and the pedal will generate its own oscillation (squealing) that is tunable with the other controls. Dial everything in right and the Tic Deluxe will act as if it has a gate, being dead silent until you use your guitar to trigger the oscillation. Other settings will allow you to go from notes with quick, fizzling die out all the way to virtually endless sustain. The point is that this pedal has a huge number of tones in it, all of them uniquely its own. It also has a dual tone control, switchable between a smooth, flatter response and an aggressive higher pitched control. This pedal is not for the faint of heart! But if you like to experiment with sound, this pedal is for you!

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