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Behold, the Two-Headed Werewolf Fuzz!

The Two-Headed Werewolf Fuzz is my take on the Gary Hurst CBS Arbiter Doubler which is a close parent to the Foxx Tone Machine. 

I traced back from pictures from 2 original units belonging to a friend (@rafmax). This process involved lots of Photoshop manipulations and lots of time. The result I came with wasn't enough fuzzy and the octave not vicious enough... So, with some help from Joe Gagan, I returned to the breadboard and after many mods and tryouts the Two-Headed Werewolf was born!!!

  • The THWF is loaded with 4 Silicon BC 549 transistors.
  • The toggle switch in down position allows to switch the Q1 transistor for a Germanium Sanyo 2SD72 offering by the way a complete other flavor.
  • The first footswitch is Fuzz On/Off and the second one is the Octave On/Off but this feature is reversed when the toggle is in Germanium position.
  • To add to the craziness of the pedal, I decided to build it on a good old tag-board. I added to the circuit a noise filter for those using a bad power supply. The pedal features a battery door for an easy convenient battery replacement. 
  • Each pedal comes with a Stonefly Effects patch + a Howling Monkey tagua guitar pic engraved with the StoneFly effects Logo.
  • The artwork was made by Adrian Brouchy from Coven illustracions.
  • The knobs are reproductions of vintage Gibson knobs that were found on pre-war lap-steels. Made upon my request by Sean Ryan from SRC effects.
  • The little introductory novel was written by me and revised by my friend Cody Henrickson.
  • That first run was limited to 25 units.

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