StoneFly Effects Grizzly Fuzz


StoneFly Effects

Here's the StoneFly Effects Grizzly Fuzz. A Buzzaround take loaded with a trio of NKT213's Ge trannies. 

You can expect a lot of gain and a wall of wonders but... Will you be able to tame the beast? It's up to you!

Limited run of 12 units. 

Act Fast!!!

Artwork by David Paul Seymour

Major Features:

  • NKT213 Germanium transistors 
  • 1 Watt Carbon composition resistors 
  • Wima polyester capacitors 
  • Sprague & Nihicon axial electrolytic capacitors 
  • Germanium diode 
  • Brimal tag board 
  • Cliff audio jacks

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