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Stone Deaf FX

Kliptonite is a dual velcro fuzz and overdrive pedal that splits an op amp based distortion circuit into two halves and mixes them both back in again using the Mirror Mix function on the pedal which is a completely unique design. The mirror mix is unique in that each fuzz and overdrive side of the circuit can be mirrored 50/50, 75/25 or 25/75 and this mixture of each tone can be flipped from one to the other using the foot switch. For example 75% fuzz to 25% overdrive is then switched to 75% overdrive to 25% fuzz.

Features / Benefits:

  • Parametric EQ with adjustable Fuzz and Distortion Gain (roll back the gain of each one using the same control)
  • Frequency response from 35Hz-6kHz (Full spectrum of guitar amplifier tone)
  • Mirror Mix function (allows to switch between different percentages of fuzz or overdrive.)
  • Dual Channel Overdrive and Unique Sounding Fuzz ( Fuzz and overdrive channels)
  • Frequency control knob sweep control via expression pedal (control the tone of the pedal on the fly) 
  • Fuzz / Drive Wah Wah function via expression pedal (Wah Wah tones via expression pedal (Fuzz or Overdriven)
  • Fuzz / Drive Phaser function on via expression pedal (Phaser tones via expression pedal (Fuzz or Overdriven)
  • 9v Power supply centre negative (low power consumption)
  • Quick Change Battery Box (quick changeover of battery)
  • Cool Ass Graphics (what more can we say)

The Kliptonite has its unique mirror mix feature that sets it aside from the rest of the competition and combined with a parametric EQ and dual fuzz overdrive takes you into territories not often explored.

MAP Price: GBP £165, USD $209, EU €220

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