Stone Deaf FX Fig Fumb - Paracentric Fuzz Filter


Stone Deaf FX

The Fig Fumb is a paracentric Fuzz Filter which is like no other fuzz. It enables you to dial in all sorts of different fuzz's and distortions using its paracentric EQ filter. It also allows you to gate your fuzz for unwanted noise and use the expression out jack for our dedicated expression pedal to get Fuzz Wah, Fuzz Phaser and Foot controlled bass, mid and treble settings. Experience something new with instant tonal gratification.

Stone Deaf FX

The Fig Fumb is a homage to that “famous fuzz” that has seen its place on many a pedal board over the years but this time with a paracentric filter, it offers never before heard tones from a classic fuzz circuit. The agility of a mountain goat with the power of a silverback gorilla, its been tweaked to offer bone crushing distortion all the way through to a rolled back smooth sounding fuzz. It’s going to burn a hole in the sun if your not careful or allow you to be a Dave Gilmour clone for the evening but this time rather than having spent tens of thousands of pounds on a touring rig to rival a Nasa launch, your now in charge of controlling elements that will help you match up your tone to any rig, getting you that one step closer to tonal perfection.

You will find that it has an extraordinary amount of tone over any derivative of that famous fuzz we all know and love. It’s like having 4 pedals in one because it gives you the following features to tweak and play with like no other fuzz on the market. Its something that’s going to give you instant access to new tones that you never thought existed out of a stand alone fuzz before. Your other half won’t see you for days because you will be locked in your bedroom exploring the vast amount of tones it has on offer.

It is manufactured in the United Kingdom, from high quality components including WIMA caps, custom manufactured Alpha Pots, custom manufactured enclosures, custom manufactured 5 way Lorlin rotary switch and Neutrik jack sockets. Its built to last, its built to give you decades of great tone, helping you to be creative if you’re an amateur 3 chord wonder (like myself) or a professional like the many famous bands that use Stone Deaf products. This one is going to stay on your board and your going to want one of its brothers or sisters so it doesn’t get lonely!


  • Noise Gate with threshold knob to eliminate unwanted feedback and noise so you can play it cranked right to the top but still have a tight rhythm tone. This is foot switchable to allow rhythm playing or soloing.

  • Expression pedal input enabling you to use it as a fuzz wah, manual fuzz phaser and foot controlled tone control for bass, mid, treble.

  • Paracentric EQ which will enable you to create new fuzz sounds not heard on other pedals

  • Battery Drawer which will enable you to access the battery easy and quickly without unscrewing the pedal

  • 5 way bandwidth Switch which will enable you to notch the filter from a wide hump to a thin needle point boost or scoop

  • 9v Power socket which will accept standard (BOSS style) 9v positive polarity power supply.

  • True Bypass which will enable you to get un effected tone when the pedal is switched off.

  • Balance Knob which will allow you to match different volume levels, either generated by the filter, other pedals in your rig or different amps in your rig.

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