Stone Box Audio Dual Effects Loop Switcher


Stone Box Audio

This dual effects loop switcher allows the connection of two independent effects pedal loops, which can be switched in or out of the signal path with a true bypass method that uses telecoms specification low noise gold plated relays and micro-processor control. It allows much more control over your effect pedal chain and prevents trying to quickly switch on and off multiple pedals at once. It is also great for isolating noisy or tone sucking pedals from the signal path, keeping the precious tone of your guitar intact.

Power is standard "Boss" style 2.1mm 9VDC connection.

3 modes

  • RED MODE - pressing the left switch toggles the signal between Loop 01 or 02. The right switch true bypasses both loops.

  • ORANGE MODE - each loop is controlled by the switch closest to it. Pressing a loop switch turns that loop on and the other loop off. A secong press of the same switch true bypasses both loops.

  • GREEN MODE - unlike the other modes both loops can be on at the same time - the switches turn on or off their respective loops into a true bypass state.


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