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Stomp Under Foot

Last year I was thinking of doing a pedal based on the original 1978 Rat distortion pedal. I wanted to do this because I always missed my original big box pedal and I have a bunch of the original LM308 chips.
Recently I revisited this idea and started making some different versions and comparing them. I felt that the original version had the best overall.

The Skinner Box will be limited to the amount of LM308 chips I have. Once the LM308s are gone I won't be making the pedal any more. Also, I am using as many original parts as I can find in these but my main goal is to just make it sound right.

The original pedal has a reputation for being an 80s metal pedal but it is so much more. True, it was used to push Marshall amps to create the 80s metal sound but put it into a nice clean amp with the Distortion at 9-10 o'clock and the tone about 1 o'clock and you get a dirty yet clear and snappy bluesy tone.
For a great medium gain rock tone put the Distortion about 12-1 and for a full distortion on the verge of fuzz turn the gain up to 3-4 o'clock.

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