Stomp Under Foot The Shag - Tone Bender MkIII


Stomp Under Foot

The Shag is inspired by one of my favorite, all-time-classic, fuzz pedals, the 1968 Sola Sound Tonebender MkIII.

This version has a smoother fuzz than the previous versions yet still produces that distinct, germanium, fuzz tone.

I was able to source some NOS, high-gain, low-leakage, germanium transistors for The Shag so I could replicate the original fuzz tone.

The added tone control allows you to adjust treble and bass so you can go from that 60's, bright fuzz to a full, punchy tone.

These will be a limited production pedal and made until I am unable to find any more transistors.

The pedal was made with NPN transistors so you can use it in a pedal chain with a negative tip 9V adapter or you can run it with a 9V battery.

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