Stomp Under Foot Greasy Creek Fuzz Machine


Stomp Under Foot

The Greasy Creek Fuzz Machine is a custom two in one fuzz unit made for, and only available at Mountain Music Exchange!

The right side of this pedal features the SUF Hellephant; Based on the famous Fuzz Face, the Hellephant is a very usable pedal that works great with your guitar's controls and yields a variety of tones.With the fuzz all the way down you get crunchy, overdriven fuzz with the bridge pickup and smooth tone with the neck pickup. Maxing out the fuzz gives you a huge, thunderous, gnarly fuzz on the bridge and a woolly, thick tone on the neck.

The left side of the pedal features the Ram's Head; The Ram's Head is mostly associated with David Gilmour's tone on Pink Floyd's "The Wall" but it is also a great, all-around fuzz for any style of music. This is due to the pedal having a very balanced tone, excellent string clarity and the perfect amount of gain.

This is a fantastic all-in-one fuzz pedal, and is only available in limited quantities, ONLY at Mountain Music Exchange!

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