Stomp Under Foot Supa Dirty Rooster


Stomp Under Foot

Inspired by the Dirty Rooster, the Supa Dirty Rooster takes the circuit to another level.

I reworked the clipping section to create a powerful fuzz tone and added a mids control to make it very versatile.

The only way I can describe the Supa Dirty Rooster's gain tone is a focused sizzle.

It sounds like a mix between a very punchy, focused muff and the gritty, gnarly, fuzz of the Jumbo Tonebender.

The punch is in the beginning of the fuzz with the back end having that signature Jumbo Tonebender sound.

As for lead tones, it delivers a full, sustaining, warm fuzz.

Chords are very punchy, fuzzy, crunchy. Turning the gain down gives you a tighter, lower gain fuzz great for chords.

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