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Stomp Under Foot

The Dirty Rooster is based on the Jumbo Tonebender. I chose this version because it site nicely between the early germanium and the later Suppa.

The Dirty Rooster has a real gritty and huge fuzz on chords and really borders on a smooth tone for leads. It doesn't reach muff smoothness but has its own vibe.

The Jumbo is also known for its huge low end and the Dirty Rooster delivers.The low end is really nice as it blends with the tone rather than being the dominant sound.

The entire pedal sounds massive and is perfect for guitar and bass players.

I am also using the original BC184 transistors in these to give it just the right sound.

The pedal works well with your guitar's volume control and the sustain knob has a usable sound on all settings.

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