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Stomp Under Foot

According to the scattered fragments of tomes chronicling the creatures of mythology and legend resides one creature who looms above all in the lowest pantheon of hell, The Sibilant Beast, The Prince of Demons, The Demogorgonâ„¢.  Just like it's namesake this fuzzified lord of demon spawn looms ready to dethrone all other fuzz pedals on your board. There can be only one Demogorgon, and none shall defeat it. Rest your doom-laden riffs upon it and reap the tonal rewards!

Featuring a classic Muff-style control layout that any Fuzz pedal connoisseur will instantly recognize.  We have 3 control knobs that ultimately shape your fuzz-tone, Volume, Tone, and Sustain.  The Sustain control adjusts the overall gain and character of the fuzz, taking it from a mild crunch to a roaring, beastial fuzz tone worthy of the mightiest of Doom Metal rigs. The Volume control adjusts the overall output of the signal, and it has plenty of decibels on tap. Finally the Tone control, where the real magic happens, this control adjusts the frequency content of the fuzz, taking it from a monstrously thick, super-ballsy low-end that will rumble the paint off the walls, to a searing sizzle that would cut through any mix despite the Demogorgon's Muffy roots.  

When the best elements of the original '69 Tri-Muff combines with the note definition and raw tonal power of the 90's Green Russian, the resulting hellspawn is a High-Gain-Hybrid of the Green Russian and the Tri-Muff, a two-headed demon lord of fuzz, The Demogorgon. 

The Demogorgon is based on the Russian muffs but has been modified to have more gain and a punchier tone.  Adding more gain boosts the fuzz and gives the lower notes a huge, growling rumble and the higher strings a warm punch.

The pedal is made with NOS BC549C transistors.

Stomp Under Foot pedals contain NOS, obsolete and vintage parts.

Limited to fifteen pedals and available exclusively at FLIPSIDE MUSIC

If the real question is; Does it Doom? The answer is most definitely, Yes! In fact we'll go one further and say that this is soon-to-be the sound of Denver's Doom. 

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