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Matt (Stomp Under Foot)

I am really happy to announce an exclusive pedal for Blackbook Guitars in Portland, Oregon.

The owner of Blackbook, Nate, contacted me about making a copy of Mudhoney’s, Steve Turner’s, original Civil War Big Muff that was used on all the early Mudhoney albums.

Being very familiar with the Civil War, as I have been making them for over six years now, and a fan of Mudhoney, I was very excited about this project.

Steve personally sold the pedal to Blackbook and has even commented on it through his Instagram page.

The pedal is called the Fuzz Honey and, as with all the Stomp Under Foot pedals, these are handmade in the USA.

The Fuzz Honey also uses original, NOS, Russian transistors and the same exact resistors and capacitors like the original.

These are limited to thirty pedals.

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