Stomp The Sun TS-1 Tuner Shade


Stomp The Sun

The sun is your enemy. Any musician that's ever played in the daytime knows this. Oh sure, the promoter made sure that there's a shady area, and rest assured, he'll be camped out in it all day, oblivious to the battle with nature on the stage. He's figured, “There's a roof over the stage, and it was perfect and shaded this morning when the riggers were setting everything up”. But when your set-time rolls around, that shiny orange globe in the sky will undoubtedly be gunning for you. It'll be right there on the stage with you, obscuring the comforting warm glow of your LED display tuner... oops.

And as the drummer counts you into the next song, after you've tuned, you'll catch yourself wondering if that little “sharp” indicator was on, or off, or was it E? F?

Yes, The sun is your enemy... 'Stomp the Sun' is your friend.

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