StompLight International Announces the World’s First Theatrical Lighting Effects Pedal

New California based Music Innovation Company set to democratize stage lighting around the world.

Half Moon Bay, CA, November 16.  Michael Ahern, the inventor of the world’s first stage lighting effects pedal announced today that StompLight debuts on the crowdfunding Kickstarter website November 21st. “StompLight will change the way that the artists and musicians perform, rehearse and record music”, Ahern says. ”StompLight’s patented design and integrated LED lighting promises  musicians, DJs and theatrical performers exciting and responsive stage lighting with the convenience of a single effects pedal.

StompLight is perfect for:

  • Musicians and performers of all ages and ability
  • DJs, Rave and EDM artists 
  • Street Performers and Performance Artists
  • Videographers and Photographers
  • Recording Studio and Club Owners

StompLight produces dozens of lighting effects including a color organ mode, color wheel mode, and strobe light mode. StompLight houses a built-in microphone with adjustable input gain. Perfect for acoustic musicians, live bands or responding to house music StompLight is a portable easy-to-use effects. Ahern explains, “The concept is very simple. Think of all the places where performers practice, record and perform where there is little or no theatrical lighting. StompLight solves this problem by creating exciting theatrical lighting in a simple, durable and affordable way.”

Ahern is building StompLight in California and working to promote the product with an active social media campaign. His goals go beyond just making and selling a unique lighting device. He says, “I want to help inspire performers, enhance their artistic experience be more successful. I am building an artistic community around StompLight encouraging users to share their StompLight experience through video and social media. Readers can watch this develop at

Ahern is confident that people will embrace StompLight, he says, “Because lighting and art are so instinctual. Music historians teach us that musical experience began by firelight. Today intricate and technical lightshows have become the norm. I like to say music and Light go together chocolate and peanut butter.”


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