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Stomp Swap™ is a completely passive switching device that swaps the order of two pedals or two effects loops. We got the idea for this one while reading up on Jimi Hendrix. He was known to swap the order of his fuzz box and wah to create a signature sound. The Stomp Swap™ makes it easy, no fussing around with cables, simply hit the switch and the order of the two pedals is reversed. A true bypass switch also lets you bypass both effects loops.

The Express Lane™ comes in a sturdy metal enclosure. It features powder coat paint and epoxy-based silkscreen ink for lasting durability. Bright color allows you to easily identify it on stage. Quality, fast acting switches allows you to switch modes with minimal pop. No batteries or power cables required. Patch cables not included.

Size: 4.71" x 3.70" x 1.34" (119.5mm x 94.0mm x 34.0mm)

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