StompAmp Brown - Solid State Amplifier For Electric Guitar



High effective 30 Watts head amplifier designed for your pedalboard.

From the classic clean all the way up to a stunning overdrive with shimmering harmonics.

The high efficiency 30 Watts amplifier for electric guitar, perfect for the stage performance with your band.

The size is incredible: the weight is 350g and fits perfectly with your pedal board.

Reinventing the classic tone stack, StompAmp brown gives you the best of the vintage and the modern .

StompAmp brown features high performance low noise fully analog circuits powered at relatively high voltage to get the huge dynamic range that you need to get your favorite tone.

The wide gain setting range allows you to get the classic clean all the way up to a stunning overdrive with shimmering harmonics and without spoiling the note definition.

The send and return loop is exactly where you need it: close to your delay or reverb pedals to minimize the length of the cables keeping a clear and natural guitar sound.

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