STG-FX JuJu-Vibe



The JuJu-Vibe is a vibrato/chorus effect based on the old Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe. This pedal uses the light-bulb and photo-electrnoics as they did in the good old days. It can do gentle and easy vibe effects (As in a rotating speaker or leslie effect) as well as a very deep and phaseshifting vibe. The effect also has a chorus mode which can go from a mild chorus to a sickening detuning sound. Both Depth and Speed controls work interactively to give you a plethora of different sounds. Ranging from thin to very creamy vibes. Instant Hendrix! :) Due to the lamp driver and large circuitery this is one big effect box, double the size of the standard STG boxes. Make sure your board can handle it!

Controls: Level - Depth - Speed

Power: ONLY works with a 18V DC adaptor or with a 24V AC Adapter. I use a Dunlop ECB004.


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