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Stereoscope (2004)

Treble Boosters were popular among British rock guitarists during the 60's and 70's. They were designed to be used as a front end of a non-master volume amplifier and boost the signal to help overdriveStereoscope Tone Booster the tubes resulting in richer harmonics and a overdriven tone. Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Brian May and Tony Iommi were just some of the musicians who used a treble booster to help create their sound. The problem with the older boosters is that with no bypass switch they were designed to be on full-time, and either just gave you one choice a volume control or a tone control, some had no controls at all and being British made few made it to North American shores. You can use the Tone Booster to help boost single coil pickups, overdrive your tube amp or any where you need a boost.

The Tone Booster is hand built in Canada based on the old British made Booster pedals, but features both tone and volume controls, true bypass heavy-duty stomp switch, a germanium transistor for the best sound, Switchcraft input and output jacks, and is built in a metal case (approx. 4"X4"X2").

Price: $75.00 Canadian

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