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"The fix my duck (FMD) is a pedal designed for guitar players.It evolved from a circuit I designed for a luthier who needed an acoustic pre-amp for his 12 sensor pick-up system. This circuit uses Jfets and is tuned to compress in a “tubish” sounding way (organic) when pushed into clipping. I was also using a version of this circuit as a buffer for electric guitar use, ideal for retaining tonal integrity when driving long instrument cables.

After some experimentation I found that by cascading several acoustic pre amp circuits together, a very pleasant sounding booster pedal was created. After some refining, and adding control over gain, tone, and boost functions, the FMD pedal was born.


  • High quality made in Canada circuit board
  • Components selected for tone as well as reliability
  • Hand wired and use flying leads to the switches and pots
  • 9 Volt adaptor accepts standard power supply
  • True bypass switching
  • Functions as a Buffer pedal, a Treble Booster pedal or a Full Range Booster pedal

The FMD is a three-in-one pedal:

  1. Can function as a buffer pedal. Converts the guitar's output into a low impedance signal
  2. Can function as treble booster pedal. It's absolute magic at producing clarity and presence to solos with guitars that have a ton of bottom, or when using amps that get bloated sounding when slammed hard
  3. Can function as a full range booster pedal. This mode is used to drive the front end of an amp and push the amp into its own natural overdrive


  • Gain - Controls the FMD's level of gain and compression. Higher settings are brighter and more compressed, low settings are darker with less compression
  • Level - Controls the output level
  • Tone - Controls the high frequency
  • Foot switch - Is a true by-pass switch


  • Right Side
    • In - Input jack for guitar
    • Boost switch:
      1. Up position is full range boost mode
      2. Middle position is flat
      3. Down position is treble boost mode
  • Left Side
    • Out - Output to amplifier
    • Thick / Thin Switch:
      1. Thin position rolls of bottom end
      2. Thick position is full range

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