Stephenson Bass Hog



Derived from the Stage Hog - But designed for bass players!

The Bass Hog is a 1 watt, all-tube bass amp that doubles as a tone boost pedal and a practice amp. When used as a practice amp, the speaker out jack can be plugged into any type of bass cabinet, even a 8x10. When used as a tone boost pedal, the line out jack can be plugged into any bass amp input. The Bass Hog's sound is very reminiscent of a good old vintage tube bass amp that is the staple of many of today's popular recordings.


  • All-tube preamp
  • All-tube power amp
  • Classic design power supply, just like found in a full size amplifier
  • Custom 'Made in Canada' transformers
  • 120/240vac mains operation
  • Power scale master volume, allows for varying amounts of power tube saturation
  • Bypass switching when used as a tone boost pedal
  • Remote switching pedal allows Bass Hog to be placed on the pedal board or with the bass amplifier

From left to right:

  • Input jack
  • Voice switch. Up position is brighter with more gain. Down position is fuller with less gain.
  • Mid switch. Up position is mid boost.
  • Bright switch. Up position is bright boost.
  • Footswitch jack.
  • Speaker out jack.
  • The power scale feature allows control over the level of power tube saturation, the PS used in conjunction with the gain and mode switches enables tones from dark and saturated to bright and focused and everything in between.
  • The remote switching feature is a dual button footswitch that detaches from the Bass Hog. The remote switch comes with a 16 foot cable, so the Bass Hog can sit on the amp or can be mounted on the pedal board.
  • GND(Ground): Switch is used to eliminate ground hums. When used as a practice amp the switch may need to be adjusted one way and when used as a distortion pedal it may need to be set in the opposite way. Just put the switch in the quietest position


  • The scale, gain, and tone, control the amplifier section of the Bass Hog (cream colored pointer knobs).
  • The line out (instrument level) signal is controlled by the level and tone (chrome knobs).
  • The remote switch controls bypass and boost.

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