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Leona is based upon an original design by Ryan Kirkland. While Leona shares roots with the original circuit, the sound, by all accounts, is very different. I’ve spent hours with a breadboard, resistors, transistors, caps and pots to build my ideal overdrive pedal. What I’ve ended up with is Leona. Leona is not just an overdrive, it’s also a fuzz, a boost, a base tone for your entire rig. If you’re looking for a transparent overdrive Leona is NOT what you need. With the gain control almost all the way down and the volume control cranked up Leona works as an incredible boost. Dial in a bit more gain and you have a crunch that will make you want to play chunky rhythms all day. Dial the gain up even more and you’ve got a great sustained lead tone. Dial the gain up all the way and you have a full on fuzz tone! Roll your guitar volume back and you’ve got a clean tone with jangle and a little grit depending on where the gain control is set. The original circuit was my main overdrive for quite a long time, but it really was a fuzz pedal that reached from mid to high gain. It was often shrill on the top end. Leona hits the full range of lower gain overdrive to full fuzz and maintains a fuller sound throughout the entire range. Leona has been updated with an internal voltage control. This added feature allows you to tune the pedal more to your specific rig. Adjustment clockwise will increase overall volume, increase gain and increase treble. Counter clockwise adjustments will yield opposite results.

The name Leona comes from a small town in Texas. It happens to be where my Grandparents were born and raised. I spent many hours in this small town of 181 people. It’s where I learned that with the basics you can achieve great things. For me Leona is always on. When you get down to the basics of my sound… It’s Leona.

9VDC Center negative only (you cannot daisy chain this pedal. It requires isolated power only)

Controls are as follows from left to right: Volume, Tone, Gain

Internal voltage control via trim pot

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