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Carter is my take on the Big Muff. I’ve always liked the Big Muff circuit for the massive amount of gain and huge tone it gives. I’ve also disliked how compressed it feels and the overall muffled sound. Almost every Big Muff build I’ve played seemed to kill the dynamics of my rig. With Carter you will find less compression allowing the dynamics you work so hard for in your rig to stand out. You’ll also find a lot more clarity than a standard Big Muff with notes being less blended together. Carter is the perfect blend between the Big Muff features we all love and those we wish we could change.

The name Carter came from my early childhood. I grew up listening to Big Muff sounds by various artists. Carter takes me to that place every time I step on the switch.

9VDC Center negative only

Controls are as follows from left to right: Volume, Tone, Sustain

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