Station Audio Sparkle Punch - Dual Tube Boost


Station Audio (2010)

The Sparkle Punch is two pedals in one. Unlike some dual channel pedals, the Sparkle Punch offers two distinct true bypass circuits that can be used independently or together. On one side, we have a Mosfet based clean boost that adds a hint of treble presence to your sound. The other channel uses a 12AU7 tube for a little grit and warmth. When used together, the boosted clean side runs into the tube channel and pushes it into a smooth tube overdrive. I have access to a good selection of old stock tubes, and the RCA clear top and I have this one sounds incredible. There is an output level for both channels as well as a knob to control the "grit" of the dirty channel.

The Sparkle Punch was just used this past winter by J Mascis in a recording session for a Mojo Magazine compilation, and numerous other bands in Massachusetts have enjoyed its versatile sounds.

Station Audio

What we have here is a dual channel boost/overdrive pedal. One side is a clean MOSFET based boost, and the other is driven by a vintage 12AU7 tube and gives your sound anything from a warm round tones to crunched out raunchiness.

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