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Here's my take on a classic: The 1960's Germanium Fuzz. It's a one trick pony, but oh what a trick! I call it the Draco Fuzz.

Station Audio

The Draco Fuzz is a simple one knob fuzz pedal. It combines the sweet sustain and gnarly harmonics of a true germanium fuzz with the aggressive, saturated tone of a modern silicon fuzz.

Setting your volume with a fuzz pedal can be difficult in live situations. That's why I gave this pedal a simple, straightforward design: A wide range of output volume and with a big knob that you can easily turn with your foot. The second pot is adjusts the bias of the transistor network. Increasing the power offers a wide, round sound, while starving the power results in a sputtery, buzzing fuzz. You turn turn the bias knob all the way back and the transistor will cut off until you make a sound - kind of like a noise gate.

I started building pedals a while ago for friends of mine, and they've all really liked them. So I decided to keep building them and developing new sounds and graphics. The Draco Fuzz is not your average mass-produced effects pedal. The graphics on these pedals are painstakingly etched one by one, and each one is assembled and handwired by me.

Each of my pedals is unique and the etch will vary from pedal to pedal.

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