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The Big Top is a germanium treble boost with a 3 position switchable filter: Blasting full range, honking mids or snarly highs - use it with a fuzz pedal and make it go wild! This True Bypass circuit uses a OC44 germanium transistor to get that 'rough around the edges', biting tone. (An earlier version has a 388A germanium, but do to popular demand, I have started doing a version with the the more traditional OC44). Compared to the Dallas Rangemaster, this pedal has more flexibility. The three different range settings distort the transistor in different ways when it's pushed hard. Plus I designed it to run off of a normal 9V negative tip supply - No battery.

The graphics are designed and etched by me. Each one is different - partly because the process is unpredictable, and partly because I'm constantly tweaking things in the design and production technique. I'm still in the low volume phase of production with this line of pedals, so here's your chance to get a one of a kind pedal that is unlike anything else.

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