Startouch ST-1 A/B




  • Custom colors - candy red, blue, basic black
  • 16 gauge steel construction
  • Assembled with machine-threaded screws
  • Unit nickel plated - then powder coated
  • Other audio related parts made of steel
  • Inside coated to prevent shorts
  • Super bright leds
  • Custom led colors Red/A - Yellow/B
  • Chrome LED holders that protect LED's and add elegance
  • LED visible from a greater distance
  • 16 Gauge and 18 Gauge primary 100% copper wiring
  • Soldered Point to Point for Superior Signal Transfer
  • Built in Battery Srain Relief
  • Battery compartment made of special closed cell form
  • Units Double grounded to prevent noise and RF interference
  • Logo silk-screened
  • Free replacement screws
  • Free replacement rubber bumpers
  • One year Parts & Labor Warranty

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