Startouch was started by Tony Chostner (founder, designer and owner) in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA. The company moved to Salem, Oregon, USA in 2004.

    Timeline (by Tony Chostner)

    • Founded business license 2000
    • 2001:
      • First ST-1 A/B pedal ready for sale and first sale, cold call Concord Music, in Concord Califorinia. Walked in met Mike, and sold two to the store and one to a customer that wanted to know what all the fuss was about. Can you imagine?
        Mike is a fantastic guy, who is the audio engineer, and ended up working at the company I get my switches from, lots of great advice from him.
      • Typed in keyword "a/b pedal" and my store came up # 1 on google. Don't have to go into details of the work involved for that.
      • First online sale.
    • 2004:
      • February, Vol.5/No4 Great review "The Tone Quest Report".
      • First & cool review on Harmony-Central
      • Moved to Salem, personnel and needed "more room" for Startouch. I was working in the "cable" closet where my condo was, space was aound 5X8 feet.
    • 2005:
      • introduced new model ST2-S Stereo pedal. For Stereo guitars, with on board piezo system TRS in split mag/piezo out A/B mono.
      • Modifications on all pedals.
    • 2006 "Out Now!" article Guitar Player magazine December issue, pg.62, ST-2 A/B+Y pedal
    • 2008 "New Gear" article Guitar Player Magazine, Holiday issue. pg,47, ST2-S A/B+Y Stereo pedal.
    • 2010 New Gear magazine by Gutar player/Bass Player

    I do ton's of custom order's now. As an example I keep data on over 300 customer’s rigs. That they either email me or I research, because not every set-up is the same. And once in a while a unit might have to be modded for a particular rig. It’s a constant learning experience.

    New prototypes in the works effects pedals super chorus, and killer distortion.
    Focus now is to cope with this economy. Have to adapt.

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