Stanton DJF-1 Professional Filter


  • low frequency cut-off
    Lowpass filter cut-off
  • resonance low
    Lowpass filter resonance
  • bandpass/notch
    switch to change between bandpass and notch filter modes
  • gain control
    for matching input levels from external equipment.
  • momentary action bypass trigger button
    This works in one of two ways depending on the setting of the adjacent bypass switch. When the bypass switch is set to ‘on’, the trigger can be used to punch in the processed signal. When the bypass switch is ’off’ allowing the processed signal through to output, the trigger will cut the processor out. There is a slight difference in volume when the bypass system is used. The amount of apparent dip or gain varies according to the type of filter being used and the degree of filtering. It would have been nice to have a balance control to compensate for this.
  • High frequency cut-off
    Highpass filter cut-off
  • resonance high
    Highpass filter resonance



DJF-1 Professional DJ Filter is a high-quality DJ remix tool, which acts as a professional crossover / isolator / equalizer. The DJF-1 provides all the features needed to easily create those pulsating beats and filter sweeps endemic to nearly every house music production of the late 90's.

This fully analog unit features high and low pass filters (24db each), variable resonance and a frequency range from 50Hz to 10kHz. Two types of filters - notch and bandpass - are provided for greater control over the music. Either a turntable or any line level source can be connected directly into the DJF-1 via the unit's line and phono inputs. The DJS-1 also includes a turntable ground terminal. A phono / line switch is provided for the various configurations.

Other features include custom made retro-style chrome knobs for heavy duty use, two types of bypass - on/off and trigger, and input level control. This single rack space unit can easily fit into any nightclub DJ booth. It's a great addition to any DJ's live set.

Users include: Armand Van helden; Roger Sanchez; Louie Vega

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