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The Native Lung provides rich, warm reverb where and when you need it most. A slight warble in the tail gives the Native Lung its mojo, whereas the built-in 8dB boost gives you the edge you need to be heard. From the quick slap to long rich plate-like tails.. you'll love what the Native Lung does once you add it to your pedal board.


  • Volume: When turned fully counter-clockwise, volume is at Unity. As you turn clockwise you obtain up to 8dB of clean, discrete gain to volume-match any sound lost traveling through the reverb tank.
  • Balance: Controls mix; blend your wet and dry signals
  • Decay: Adjusts the amount of reverb time. Crank past twelve oÂ’clock to introduce some warm, rich modulation in the tails.
  • Color: Controls analog tone section. Turn clockwise for a brighter, lighter room; turn counter-clockwise for a darker, moodier room.

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