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The Fuzzy Squirrel is the successor to a long line of absolutely mental fuzz pedals stretching back to the 1960's. It is NOT a nice, friendly pedal. Whatever you plug into this angry box will be chewed up, swallowed and vomited back out into your amp, whether it be a Goldtop, Strat, £80 Tesco Value guitar, bass, vocals, drums...you get the idea. It doesn't much care.

This Squirrel is all analog and like all our pedals it is totally hand-assembled in the United Kingdom from quality parts. It is not an unoriginal ghost of the sounds born on these shores, but an original circuit modelled on the likes of the Shin Ei Companion and the Ampeg Scrambler. The basic fuzz sound matches, if not exceeds that of the great classic noise boxes, but the typical 1960s electrical flaws have been avoided such as a severe loss of volume when engaged, or "tone" controls that barely do anything. We have designed an innovative, improved tone circuit, so the Fuzzy Squirrel can give you shrill, buzzy, grating fuzz to thunderous growls and farts, and everything in between. With a powerful, controllable volume boost circuit, the Fuzzy Squirrel can also provide an enormous output when needed.

The circuitry is protected from reverse polarity power, so it won't explode if something gets plugged in backwards.

Like all our pedals, the Fuzzy Squirrel ships with a 9V battery, and takes standard 9V DC adapter.

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