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The Cyclops Squirrel is a high performance clean boost/overdrive pedal. It takes your guitar's untouched signal and blasts it into your amp, driving clean valve amps into fat, chunky saturation and breakup.

Many boost pedals start to clip your signal at a relatively modest volume because the output signal reaches the level of the battery. This pedal is different. The Cyclops Squirrel features a high-fidelity transformer-coupled amplifier, which doesn't need to restrict your audio wave. If your amp is already overdriven... just be careful, alright, it'll take someone's eye out, and blow your speakers into hyperspace. No, really.

The Cyclops Squirrel does not boost any portion of your sound more than any other. It simply boosts the volume, for solos, or to drive your amp's input harder for edgy rhythm sounds.

It's your sound, just lots more of it.

Like all our pedals, the Cyclops ships with a 9V battery, and takes a standard 9V DC adapter.

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