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The Giganteum Drive was designed from the ground up to provide uncompromising versatility in a small footprint. Its two independent channels offer a complete range of discrete drive tones from boost, to light grit, all the way to raging fuzz. 

The Germanium side features a "girth" control for treble or full-range boost. This side is fine-tuned to play best with a tube amp on the verge of breaking up. You can add some vintage color to your tone, or slam your amp with 20dB of boost. 

The Silicon side is all-original, using a combination of discrete MOSFET and BJT gain stages for either a light, vintage-voiced breakup, or the boxy thunder of a cranked tube combo. Your standard gain and volume controls are supplemented with an adjustable low pass tone control and a "fat" switch to add low mid content. 

Stacking both sides opens up an entirely new world of tonal combinations - with low Girth settings you can get tight distortion, and with high Girth settings you'll get unexpectedly heavy fuzz. The Giganteum Drive shines in its almost infinite flexibility, allowing the user to unlock new depths of tone with slight tweaks.

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