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The Son of Kong is an EQ and Gain pedal of massive aural proportions and contortions, elegantly designed to provide a multitude of features, functions, and tones.

It is the brainchild of audio architect Arthur Sloatman. As Frank Zappa’s long time technician and friend, he installed this EQ and gain circuit in all of Frank’s stage guitars beginning in 1979. Frank used these guitars throughout the rest of his road career. 30 years later, we are bringing the essence of that circuit to you with a few added features.


  • 2 switchable channels (V1 and V2) with 15 dB 0f clean gain at V1 and up to 35 dB at V2.
  • Super-flexible, fully parametric EQ, with 20 dB of boost/cut, available to V1, V2, and the DI.
  • 55 dB maximum possible gain to your amp’s front end!
  • Highest quality, ultra-musical DI output.
  • Hardwire Bypass.
  • Throughput to feed additional pedals or for amp switching.
  • Throughput and DI output can be internally jumped to mute on V2 selection.
  • Output, Throughput, and DI can all be used simultaneously.
  • Conveniently runs on a single 9V battery or up to 40V from an external power supply for increased head room and pristine transient response.
  • 100 hour life on a single 9V battery

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