Spicetone 6appeal - Polyphonic Overdrive for Hexaphonic Guitars



Hexaphonic overdrive, distortion, fuzz, modulation, sequencer, filter & stereo pan pedal. Superb for guitars with hexaphonic pickups (13pin output like Godin or Roland GK, Cycfi Neo6 or Ubertar pickups), excellent for all electric guitars. Two LFOs and a sequencer for modulations. 6x24 customizable preset memories. Instant circuit mods (root boost pre and post effect, tone circuit on/off, different clipping styles). All-analog sound processing.

"If only Bob Dylan had one of these when he went electric." - Mr Nigel Cassidy, BBC News.

To get the most of 6Appeal, you need a guitar with divided pickups and 13pin DIN type output. Please understand that 6Appeal is a complicated device with 6+1 audio channels and over 1000 components, and we're a tiny bunch of enthusiasts, hence the hefty price. The sound 6Appeal delivers is truly unique and natural. It's your chance to stand out and conquer new tonal grounds.

NB! There is NO power adapter included, as you can power 6Appeal with a common guitar pedal adapter (9v-12v, 300mA min, 2.1mm plug).

Product Highlights:

  • Polyphonic (Hexaphonic) Overdrive and Distortion
  • Full Analogue Signal Path
  • Overdrive, Crunch And Fuzz
  • 6x24 Preset Memory Slots
  • 6 Banks for Presets
  • 3 Footswitches and 10 Illuminated Pots
  • Tone Stack In/Out
  • Parameter Spread And Tilt (More Effect on Higher or Lower Strings)
  • Per String Settings (Effect On / Clean / Mute)
  • Stereo Filter Section (two low pass cut-off points, adjustable resonance up to self-oscillation)
  • Root Boost Circuit (Pre and Post to add glorious amounts of low end punch)
  • Dry Signal Blend (for tonal transparency and attack)
  • Mono Signal Blend (mix hex with mono pickups)
  • 13PIN IN and OUT (to chain with 13pin effects like Roland/Boss GR/GP series)
  • 3 Stereo/Mono ¼” Jack Outputs
  • High quality JFET opamps and Alpha pots
  • Sturdy Enclosure (Maritime Grade Anodized Aluminium)
  • Made in Estonia, Europe

Other remarkable features:

  • Breakout Box (6Appeal can output 6+1 channels from hex pickup to ¼” jacks)
  • MIDI Control In (control 6Appeal with MIDI)
  • MIDI Control Out (use 6Appeal as a MIDI controller for your DAW or MIDI devices)
  • 2 LFOs (syncable; sine, triangle, pulse, saw up, saw down, random)
  • Parameter Modulation (modulate any pot with LFO)
  • Panning Modulation (per strings stereo panning modulation)
  • Filter Modulation (auto wah-wah and rhythmic resonance)
  • Syncing (synchronize tempo with DAW or MIDI device)
  • Sequencer (sequenced modulations, can be tempo synced)
  • Envelope (in next software releases)
  • Tap Tempo
  • Suitable for Bass (no low end cutoff, can mute unused channels for 4string)
  • Software updates (mini USB)


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