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Basic distortions, synth-fuzz, brain-eating fuzz, splatty overdrives... and a continuous range of variation between all modes. This pedal brings a new level of control over the texture of the distortion.

Subzombie contains three distortion generators. All sounds are a mix of these three different levels of distortion. The middle level of distortion is reversed in polarity (antiphase), subtracting from the higher and lower levels of distortion, so that the differences between the distortions can be emphasized and the common signal can be eliminated. Thus, radical, turbulent fuzz sounds can be produced using natural-sounding distortions as a base.

Dynamically responsive and touch sensitive, lower gains produce a tonal expansion. Middle gains can produce a "vocal" tonal peak. Higher gains can compress as usual, but also can be unusually dynamic, except in reverse: "swell" effects, getting louder and more present when you play softer/single notes/turn down, or even a cleaner sound coming through when you play harder.... Excellent sounds are produced through a clean amp, but this device can also cut through with its own character when other distortion is used, and be used very interactively. Powerful bass response makes it good for bass and other instruments as well as guitar. Switching is True Bypass with LED indicator. Three more LEDs indicate the three levels of distortion.

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