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This is a true clean boost that emphasizes low distortion and high output level. It also features a convenient "contour" control for adding a small tone change appropriate to boost and amp driving. This type of boost can push a tube guitar amplifier (and others) into much deeper distortion without distorting itself.

Like the classic MXR Micro Amp, this is an IC based boost, very clean, but more modern, more hi-fi, with even more output. A common complaint is that the MXR seems to have too much bass and treble when used. Psychoacoustically, louder sounds will seem to have more bass and treble. Or, when the boost increases distortion, too much bass and treble may cause feedback, bass mud and more hiss. Midrange boosts the "body" of the sound and is most effective at increasing apparent sustain. If desired, an internal trimmer allows directing the Contour control to also boost some treble.

Options are available to best suit the application. Uses Hammond small 1590B cast aluminum enclosure, finish is clearcoat over sanded aluminum. Feedback on the first batch was very positive: "love it", stands up against others, studio applications, "it's perfect for boosting up my Single Coils to HB level. Very 'neutral' boost".

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