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The PX250 is a passive, two-channel selector box. It features a completely analog tone path and silent true-bypass mechanical relay switching. A highly visible indicator light represents each channel.

Taking a short break from sound-generating tone machines, we're proud to release our first utilitarian stompbox. We put a lot of attention into tackling the common problems that A/B switch boxes suffer from. Clicks, pops, thumps, hiss, buzz, etc are all eliminated with the PX250.

We put so much effort into pristine tone here at Spaceman, that we could never allow buffers or other electronics to limit or alter your tone; which is why we chose a true-mechanical-bypass approach to this design.

Completely hand-soldered and handmade in Portland Oregon, the PX250 is housed in a USA-cast aluminum enclosure, topped with a durable engraved faceplate. It utilizes a heavy-duty "no click" footswitch, military spec wiring and the highest quality open-frame jacks.

Each pedal is numbered on the nameplate, boasting it's limited availability, and in addition each one is signed and numbered on the inside. The PX250 also comes with a transferable three year warranty, plus a lifetime discount repair plan.

Four very limited editions are available: The Blue edition (limited to 5) features a durable powdercoat, with blue and red indicators. The Copper edition (limited to 30) features real copper plating, with vintage aerospace indicators. The White edition (limited to 50) features a durable powdercoat, with green and white indicators. The Silver edition (limited to 90) is polished aluminum, with amber and red indicators.

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