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Mission: Mercury III / Freedom 7

May 5th, 1961 - Launch Complex 5 at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Alan B. Shepard sits, strapped inside an 11 x 6 foot tin can, attached to the top of an 84 foot Mercury-Redstone Rocket.

T-20 seconds and counting.

He is about to be shot 116 miles into the sky, at a speed of over 5,000 mph, experiencing up to 11 G's.

T-10 seconds and counting.

He will become the first American (and only the 2nd human) in space.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Limited edition of 120

While we will never know the true insanity of Mr. Shepard's experience that day, Spaceman hopes to give you a similar experience, with the Mercury III: Harmonic Boost.

Capable of up to 11 G's of clean gain; the clean boost function alone can drive your tube-amp from a light breakup to thick, all-out distortion. Now you too can blast yourself (and your audience) into space!

The Mercury III also generates tube-like, even-order harmonics, which can then be mixed in with your original instrument signal, bringing more dimension and life to your tone. Set the Harmonic setting at minimum and you'll have a clean boost. Turned to max, your tone is now twice as rich in harmonic content!

The unique tone control provides six (6) tone selections, which are interactive with the Boost and Harmonic controls. Together you can achieve a variety of settings, effectively making the Mercury III a Full boost, Treble boost, Bass boost and Mid boost all in one compact pedal!

Let's also not forget the included NOS 1966 Germanium transistor for its wonderful vintage sparkle, heard especially in the treble boost settings.

Handmade in Portland Oregon, the Mercury III features an all discrete (no IC's!) tone path, military-spec wiring and the very highest quality components. Everything is neatly held in a super-duty USA-cast aluminum enclosure, topped with a durable engraved faceplate. The True Bypass switching is provided care-of the heaviest-duty mechanical footswitch available, for a long trouble-free life.

Each pedal is numbered on the nameplate, boasting it's limited availability, and in addition each one is signed and numbered on the inside. The Mercury III also comes with a transferable three year warranty, plus a lifetime discount repair plan.

Three (3) versions are available and are limited as follows: Copper Plated (1-10), White Powdercoat (1-30) and Raw Silver (1-80).

In addition to fancy coatings, the Copper and White versions (ONLY) feature vintage, NASA surplus dimmable indicator lights! Amber in color, the Copper edition uses a "hazard" style display, while the White uses a standard display. The Silver edition uses a jeweled indicator.

It's a tone enhancer that blurs the line between boost and overdrive. The Mercury III works with your guitar and amp to achieve a large variety of tones. Its features add life, sparkle, volume and thickness to the tones already present - and without compromise.


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