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In honor of this historic spaceflight, we introduce the Gemini III: Dual Fuzz Generator. The word gemini, meaning "the twins" in latin, is a fitting name for this dual fuzz.

The Gemini III is an all-discrete (no IC's) transistor fuzz. It features two different fuzz circuits in parallel, one vintage germanium and the other, modern silicon.

The two vastly different fuzzes are blended together via the Ge/Si knob for a layered fuzz tone. Each fuzz has a choice of three gain settings via toggle switch. The Master knob controls the output of the final mix, and has enough gain on tap to cause a supernova.

The unique tone control affects each fuzz independently, yet at the same time. The remaining toggle switch controls the direction of the tone-sweep for the germanium side, allowing for opposite sweep directions. The controls allow for many tone combinations between the two fuzz circuits for some unique fuzz blends.

Completely hand-soldered and handmade in Portland Oregon, the Gemini III utilizes true-bypass switching via the heaviest-duty mechanical footswitch available.

The Gemini III covers a wide range of usable fuzz territory, including lower-gain classic tones, heavy high-gain/scooped-mid tones and so much more. There's plenty of low frequency response on hand to make for an equally awesome bass fuzz. Also great for baritone and synth.

Each pedal is numbered on the nameplate, boasting it's limited availability, and in addition each one is signed and numbered on the inside. The Gemini III also comes with a transferable three year warranty, plus a lifetime discount repair plan.

Three very limited editions are available: Copper (limited to 20); White (limited to 40); and Silver (limited to 90). Featuring real copper plating and durable powdercoat, the Copper and White editions also include vintage 60's aerospace indicators. The Silver edition has a Jewel indicator.

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