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The Imposter Fuzz.  The Imposter Distortion.  The Imposter... Overdrive??  While the circuit looks like a typical overdrive, this pedal is certainly not low gain or transparent.   Featuring two high-gain op-amp stages and soft clipping diodes, the Imposter falls somewhere between distortion and fuzz.  Singing lead tones or gnarly, gritty, chords can easily be found in The Imposter.

Relatively low noise and excellent volume roll-off make the Imposter a versatile high gain tool, while the tone and volume knobs help the Imposter sit well in any mix. Top-mount jacks help the Imposter fit on the tightest of boards.  This truly is a pedal that sounds much bigger than its footprint.

All Southampton pedals are handmade in Guelph, Ontario, and come with a lifetime warranty. Pedals ship Friday of each week. Current draw is ~5 mA.

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